The Whistler in the Wind

“a refreshingly unique non-Churchy and non-Christianese style with no compromise on the truth”

—David Fernandes, New Frontiers India & Mumbai Transformational Network

“I find two things that make The Whistler in the Wind a fascinating read. Firstly, in his journey to finding Christ the story shows no hesitation to reveal areas of Raj’s life which may not be very complimentary and proves to be honest—not an exaggeration…Secondly, it moves rapidly forward and backward in time and makes the book unputdownable. One keeps turning the pages with bated breath waiting for the next thing to happen.”

—L.T. Jeyachandran, former executive director, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (Asia-Pacific)

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Published by Akshay Rajkumar

Akshay Rajkumar studied Literature in Delhi and Theology in Singapore. He is an author, publisher and church planter. He lives in New Delhi with his wife, Shruti. The Whistler in the Wind: A True Story of Faith and Doubt is his first book and it is out now on Amazon.